Wow- I am really thankful to you for actually checking my profileā€¦ Introducing myself, I am "Anil Sapotra" from Karauli, Rajasthan, (India)

Personal LIfe

I am a simple, down to earth guy. I like having lot of friends. I don't like pretenders and liars. I like to live this life on my own though parents sometimes take control of it. its OK. other than that no one can control it. I become angry early so keep urself away when i become angry. If i do any mistake i accept this without hesitation But if not i never accept this.If u ll hurt me den don't forget to take it in return. I don't hurt my friends..

Starting Career

Starting from the early days of 2008, I started my journey with just a hope of learning new things. Everything was just unknown to me whereas it was really an unknown place for me to start in the world of internet. most reason was that i had never work on computer with my own fingers before 2008... I started searching the net, on the hope of getting a work by which I can earn from my home itself and in 2011 i found this

Professional Life

I have started my own company Zippy Infotech in 2011 with the hope of new journey. We take the opportunity to introduces as leading organization based in Jaipur Engaged in Special Packages for Web Application, Domain Name Registration, web hosting , Video channel Management, Channel Live Streaming, Video storage streaming, web storage system, ftp Storage, Dedicated Server, Video File Distribution System, Personal Blog Creation, SEO, SEO Services SEM, IM, Logo Designing, Social Page Management etc.

Swag :D

I am a SCIENTIST who had discovered himself. i am a DOCTOR who didn't make patients well but let them to LIVE LIFE. I am an ENGINEER who constructs the DREAMS. I am a SON who wants to fulfill each & everything desired or dreamed by my parents. I am a CITIZEN who try`s to regain the title of GOLDEN SPARROW for the nation. I am a LOVER who Loves without knowing whether others loves me or not. YES, I am what everyone wants to be. i am a STAR whom u will see soon, shining all above in sky, full of life & dreams. I am ANIL SAPOTRA

"I provide all IT services like web design, SEO Services etc. I am also a social worker, i believe in positive changes in society."